Summer Weather and Pets

Please remember that our pets are prone to heat related problems. High heat and humidity can cause heat exhaustion, heat stroke or even death in dogs and cats. Here are a few tips to keep your pets out of danger this summer.
1.Never keep your pet in the car during the summer while you go into a store. Temperatures can quickly exceed 100 degrees and can quickly cause heat stroke.
2.If walking your dog bring plenty of water for both of you to drink. It is preferred to walk your dog in the cooler periods such as in the morning or evening.
3.As dogs and cats age that cannot regulate their temperature as well. Keep older dogs and cats cool as much as possible.
4.Make sure any dogs outside have plenty of water to drink and shade to keep cool.
5.Do not walk dogs on blacktop. The heat on black surfaces can burn their pads.
If you think your dog is showing signs of heat exhaustion or stroke (panting excessively, lethargy, vomiting), cool them down immediately with water and call a veterinarian.

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