Your medium-sized dog is anything but average and deserves a healthcare plan to match! Our plans include everything your furry friend needs to keep that tail wagging.

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Medium Dogs

Wellness Plan

Only$6900Per Month

Save Over $80/Year

Medium Dogs, Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital

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*excludes nutrition and referral services

Cost Comparison

Medium Dog Wellness Plan

25.1-50 lbs as an adult

Services With Plan
Annual Wellness Exam
Annual Core Vaccination
Intestinal Parasite Screenings
Heartworm & Lyme Testing
6 Month Wellness Exam 
12 Month Supply of Flea & Tick Prevention
12 Month Supply of Heartworm Prevention
Total $828.00
SAVE $80.00

Get a Dental for an additional $21/mo

Up to Level 2 Dental.

Get Unlimited Visits for an Extra $10/mo

This Wellness Plan add-on covers the exam fee anytime your pet is not feeling well. If your dog seems out of sorts, bring him or her in for an exam with one of our doctors to ensure what seems like a small concern today doesn’t turn into a major medical issue. Excludes emergency.

Wellness Plan FAQs

Comprehensive Wellness Bloodwork

At the time of your wellness visit you can upgrade to a complete bloodwork panel to ensure even greater prevention and protection. Full wellness bloodwork is recommended for early detection and treatment of medical conditions. We have different panels tailored to your pet's age.