Reducing Breast Cancer (Mammary Cancer) in Pets

We are all aware that October is breast cancer awareness month and we see pink everywhere in support of breast cancer research.  Breast cancer is a horrible disease that affects many people.  Dogs and cats are also prone to breast (mammary) cancer.  The good news is that we are able to significantly reduce the amount of breast cancer that develops in pets.  Multiple studies have shown that the rate of breast cancer significantly decreases with spaying your dog or cat before the first heat cycle.  The first heat cycle usually occurs between 7-10 months of age.  We recommend spaying dogs and cats at 6 months of age.  Studies have shown that spaying at this young age reduces the rate of breast cancer by as much as 91%.  There are also other medical benefits to spaying at 6 months of age.  The benefits include reducing unwanted pregnancy (helping to reduce the pet population) and reducing the risk of a uterus infection (pyometra) which can be life threatening. Please keep your pets as healthy as possible and spay them at 6 months of age!