Pets and Weight Loss

Happy New Year!

We all make resolutions for the New Year.  So let us involve our pets in those resolutions.  A whopping 52% of dogs and 58% of cats are overweight or obese!  Being overweight contributes to a bunch of health problems, including diabetes, arthritis, kidney problems, and thyroid problems.  Fat cells are active and have been linked to a process that actually causes inflammation and disease. 

There are 2 big things you can do to help your pet achieve an ideal weight.  One is exercise, so walk your dog every day. The other is diet, take a measuring cup and see how much you feed your pet and then decrease the amount by 25% (and do not cheat by giving more treats!). If your pet is still hungry, you can give them green beans or carrots as treats.   Once you do this monitor the progress by weighing your pet monthly.  If you are not sure about the status of your pet’s weight, please call us so we can help you in the weight loss process.  Your pet’s health and longevity depends on it!!