Can dogs eat nuts?

I have been asked if nuts are bad for dogs.  So here is some information regarding nuts and peanut butter for dogs.

The only toxic nuts that have been reported are macadamias. Other nuts are high in fat and can cause problems (GI upset, pancreatitis) due to the fat. Other toxic issues associated with nuts include tremors or seizure like activity from moldy nuts (especially moldy walnuts laying in the yard). Peanuts are legumes, not nuts; the primary concern for peanuts is the fact that they can be susceptible to contamination by molds that produce aflatoxin, which dogs are especially sensitive to and can cause neurologic issues.  Unless your pet has intestinal problems, we recommend peanut butter as a great method to help get pills into dogs.  It is also used commonly in treats- especially homemade treats.

Dr. Jeremy Wentz,VMD

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