Dangerous Pet Toys

Dog with toy.

Toys keep your pet entertained and mentally stimulated during the day. All pets can benefit from playing with toys and should be able to do so safely. Unfortunately, some toys can pose a threat to your pet. To help keep your pets safe, the team at Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital has put together this list of dangerous pet toys to avoid and which toys are okay with supervision. 

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All I Want for Christmas is a Tummy Ache? Avoiding Pancreatitis in Pets This Holiday Season

Preventing pet pancreatitis this holiday season.

The pancreas is a bit of a dramatic organ, flaring out of control sometimes at the drop of a hat. The pets of Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital can attest, too, that when the pancreas is angry, it can be quite unpleasant. Pancreatitis in pets is not any fun, and while it tends to be prominent during the holidays, with a little care, you can prevent your pet from dealing with it this holiday season.


Should You Adopt a Senior Pet?

Stroudsburg, PA senior lab dog.

Senior pets available for adoption are facing big challenges. Their companions, human and animal, are gone. Everything is different now: food, toys, environment, and routine. What they need is a special human to help them feel safe, secure, and loved again.


Don’t Let Dog Slobber Get You Down

Dog slobber.

Saliva has a lot going for it. Not only helpful to the process of digestion, but a healthy mouthful of saliva also improves the sense of taste and promotes dental health. But when your floors or furniture endure a thick coating of dog slobber each and every day, the benefits of saliva seem a lot less…beneficial.


Pet Parasites and How You Can Help Prevent Them

A yellow lab in the background, with a tick on a hand in front

Ticks, fleas, and worms, along with other parasites, can overwhelm your pet and make them sick. Luckily for your furry loved ones, they live with you, which means you can help them avoid these external parasites. We’re here to help you learn everything you can do to help prevent parasites in and on your pets. 


Indoor/Outdoor Safety: Pets and Toxic Plants

A cat eating a plant

Pet owners go to great lengths to protect their animals from being exposed to toxic food, chemicals, and medications. But sometimes the most innocuous-seeming item in the house or garden becomes the biggest threat. We’re talking about plants, of course! They’re leafy, flowery and momentarily satisfying to munch on. But the combination of pets and toxic plants deserves careful attention and lots of space.


What to Know About Traveling With Pets

A dog belted into the back seat

It is an amazing feeling when it comes time to hit the road and explore the world. Perhaps the only thing that could make that sensation better would be to share it with a good friend. Whether that friend has four or two legs, Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital won’t judge. 

If you do choose to have a pet accompany you on your travels, though, there is some preparation involved. Much like children, traveling with pets involves some planning and forethought to ensure an ultimate experience. 


Common Behavioral Problems in Pets

A dog sitting amongst torn-up tissues

It’s common to overlook some odd behaviors because we love our pets so much. However, because many behavioral problems in pets are caused by their physical, emotional, or mental states, it is necessary to address them. An understanding of an animal’s needs can go a long way toward their overall health and wellness, and we’re here to help. 


How Zoonotic Diseases Harm Pets And People

A yellow lab in the background, with a tick on a hand in front

Zoonotic diseases are those that can be transmitted from animals to humans and from wildlife to domestic pets. After the coronavirus pandemic, more people are aware of how quickly these illnesses can spread through cities and towns, but they might not know how dangerous they can be for pets. 

The team at Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital wants to help you understand how to protect your furry friends and entire family from these diseases.


Symptoms and Treatment of Pollen Allergies in Dogs

A dog sitting in a field

As warmer weather begins to emerge, you may notice your dog scratching, biting, and rubbing their face a lot more than usual. This behavior may not seem like allergy symptoms, but in dogs, skin disorders are one of the more common signs you’ll observe. 

Many dogs suffer from seasonal allergies, and it tends to get worse in the spring and summer months. Pollen allergies in dogs is a frequent diagnosis at our clinic. This is why Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital is here to address what you need to know about it to better help your furry loved one.