Dr. Sean Ott is the medical director of Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital.

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Dr. Sean Ott, Stroudsburg Medical Director

Dr. Sean Ott

Medical Director

Dr. Sean Ott

Graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2003, Dr. Sean Ott worked at the Penn Genetics Lab and concurrently received a business certificate from the Wharton Small Business Development Center. He currently lives in Nazareth with his wife, children, and their cat Larry.

Dr. Ott enjoys the variety of work he experiences from day to day. As he puts it, "Switching from a dermatology case to medicine to a wellness visit and to surgery then dentistry—you never know what you might be doing in a day."

He chose to go into veterinary medicine as he found biology fascinating and filled with many unknowns. Because he enjoys diversity, problem solving, and fixing things, veterinary medicine is an excellent choice as he experiences each of these every day. In his free time, Dr. Ott enjoys biking, skiing, woodworking, home improvement, and traveling.

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