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Preventive Health

Protecting Your Cat: Feline Preventive Health Planning

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Responsible pet ownership can be a daunting task, but Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital is committed to helping you provide the most stable and healthy environment for your cat. A comprehensive preventive health plan for your kitten or adult cat is one important step in that process.

Our veterinarians have some general recommendations for all cats.

  • Health exams—After the initial well kitten visits, cats should have annual physicals until the age of seven, when they are considered seniors and should begin to be seen every six months.

Yearly Vaccinations

  • Feline leukemia—As one of the most common causes of diagnosed illness and death in domestic cats, this disease attacks the immune system, making them more susceptible to infections and diseases.

Every three years

  • Feline distemper combination—This vaccination covers a number of different diseases including panleukopenia (feline distemper), rhinotracheitis, and calicivirus.
  • Rabies—Rabies is a disease that affects the brain and central nervous system. It is typically spread through a bite wound and can jump across different species of animals including humans.

Parasite screening

  • Worms—Cats easily become infected with a variety of different intestinal worms. Having your cat screened through a fecal sample each year allows the veterinarians at Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital to detect and treat any infestations before they can have an adverse affect on your cat’s health.
  • Heartworm—While cats are not tested for heartworm yearly as dogs are, it is still recommended that they are on a regular heartworm preventive. In the United States, there are no approved products for treating feline heartworm, and it can cause damage to the heart and blood vessels as well as other internal organs. For that reason, Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital recommends all cats remain on preventive medication.
  • Blood work—In aging pets, health issues can arise quickly. After a cat reaches the age of seven, we recommend yearly blood work to check on the functioning of your cat’s internal systems.

Feline Wellness Plans

Feline Wellness Plans – Outdoor/Indoor Cat (PDF)

Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital can help you prevent health issues and prolong your cat’s healthy and active life.

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