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Microchipping Your Pet: Helping to Reunite Poconos Pets With Their Owners

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It is a scary situation when a pet becomes separated from his or her owner. Owners worry about their pet’s safety, who will find their pet, and how they will be reunited. Pets have been known to slip their collars and I.D. tags can fall off or become unreadable.

Microchipping can offer assurance that animal shelters and veterinarians can identify your pet. Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer pet microchipping as a means of protecting your pet.

How It Works

A tiny microchip is placed under the skin between the shoulder blades of the dog or cat (other animals such as horses, ferrets, and most mammals can be microchipped too). The microchip has an identification number on it, which can be read by a scanner. A veterinarian’s office or animal shelter can scan the chip to find out who owns the animal.

The Procedure

Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital recommends that pets are microchipped as puppies or kittens and will often complete the procedure at the time of spaying or neutering, when the pet is already anesthetized. A large needle is used to insert the microchip under the skin. The microchip will be registered and the pet owner’s contact information will be maintained with the tracking company.

Many animals end up in shelters every year and, sadly, many are not reclaimed by their owners. Together, Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital can provide another layer of protection to keep your pet safely with you.

We Our Clients

The people who work here care so very much about every animal that walks through their doors. We have brought our pets here for years, and every time they walk through the doors the people remember their names and come over to say hi to our babies. They take the time to explain what is happening and the various treatments available. They are sensitive to the financial strains a pet can put on a family, and always go the extra mile to help our pets in any way they can. WE LOVE THIS PLACE!
Brady Candell