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Expert Diagnostics: Veterinary Digital X-ray & Ultrasound

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Because Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital is equipped with the latest in imaging technology, we can provide our patients with accurate and speedy diagnosis and treatment for a variety of medical issues.

Digital X-ray

With the advances in digital x-ray technology, we can now manipulate the digital images that we take of a pet’s systems. This has allowed us to detect hairline fractures and orthopedic conditions that were previously not visible. Because the x-rays are digital, we can also almost immediately share the images with specialists who consult with us on difficult cases. We routinely share x-rays with our board-certified surgeon and we are able to burn CDs of the images for our clients to take as part of their own records on their pets’ health.

Digital x-rays are routinely used to diagnose and examine broken bones, obstructions, arthritis, masses, and tumors. We use digital x-rays as part of our regular pet dental examinations and it can also be used to confirm pregnancies or detect ingested objects.


The veterinarians at Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital use ultrasound technology to check for a variety of conditions, including scanning for cancer and checking the health of the bladder, liver, kidneys, spleen, and heart.

We offer in house ultrasound performed by Pennsylvania Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound Services, LLC. This allows you and your pet to remain at our trusted facility without having to make a timely, costly trip to a specialist.

Appointments are scheduled based on your pet’s needs. We request that your pet be dropped off by 9am the morning of their scan, having had nothing to east past 6pm the prior evening. They may have water.

Non-invasive sampling via fine needle aspiration can also be done with ultrasound guidance to aid in diagnosis and treatment. We receive a specialist report within 24 hours after the procedure to aid in the medical management of your pet.

For more information on Pennsylvania Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound Services, LLC, please visit

We Our Clients

Thank you all so much! Only a day later and our Giz is doing much better!
Cari Smith