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Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital

Specialized Veterinary Surgery in the Poncos

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Non-routine surgeries are oftentimes higher risk and need to be performed by specially trained staff that is familiar with the dangers and best practices of the situation. From our specialized staff to our advanced technological equipment, we have established Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital as the best option when pets need advanced health care.


Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital employs veterinarians and staff able to handle a variety of difficult and emergency type surgeries such as:

  • Foreign body removal
  • Lacerations
  • Abscesses
  • Broken bones
  • Fractures
  • C-sections
  • Exploratory surgery
  • Orthopedics


In addition to our highly trained general veterinary practitioners, we have a board-certified surgeon on staff as well as a board-certified cardiologist, so more challenging cases are in excellent hands in our surgical facility. We also employ a veterinary rehabilitation specialist who is able to work with pets through recovery to increase mobility and restore a more normalized style of life.


Our surgical suite is equipped with its own ventilation system to reduce the risk of bacterial infections. Monitoring systems carefully track a pet’s vital statistics while any surgical procedure is being completed, and our veterinarians are able to utilize a number of different advanced technologies to guide the surgical process, including:

We Our Clients

The people who work here care so very much about every animal that walks through their doors. We have brought our pets here for years, and every time they walk through the doors the people remember their names and come over to say hi to our babies. They take the time to explain what is happening and the various treatments available. They are sensitive to the financial strains a pet can put on a family, and always go the extra mile to help our pets in any way they can. WE LOVE THIS PLACE!
Brady Candell