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Veterinary Rehabilitation: Getting Back On All Four Feet

physical therapy room

Pets, like humans, often benefit from special rehabilitation programs. Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital is pleased to have a veterinary rehabilitation doctor as a member of our team.

Who Benefits?

Pets who are having difficulty walking may greatly benefit from veterinary rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation veterinarian has brought much-needed relief to patients with a variety of conditions including:

  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative conditions
  • Surgical recovery

What Is Involved?

Appointments with our rehabilitation doctor last an average of one hour. The rehab veterinarian will work with your pet and will instruct you on how to do exercises at home that will increase and restore mobility. Some of the specialized rehabilitation equipment that may be used includes:

Most rehabilitation programs last for six weeks, although, depending on the condition being treated and the progress the pet is able to make, some programs can be long term.

Many different kinds of therapeutic services are available for dogs and cats to speed them toward recovery or to restore their quality of life. The vets at Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital can answer your questions and help you evaluate if your pet is a good candidate for physical therapy.

We Our Clients

Love this place! Friendly staff, knowledgeable doctors, excellent care for your fur babies!
Lisa Meserole