All I Want for Christmas is a Tummy Ache? Avoiding Pancreatitis in Pets This Holiday Season

Preventing pet pancreatitis this holiday season.

The pancreas is a bit of a dramatic organ, flaring out of control sometimes at the drop of a hat. The pets of Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital can attest, too, that when the pancreas is angry, it can be quite unpleasant. Pancreatitis in pets is not any fun, and while it tends to be prominent during the holidays, with a little care, you can prevent your pet from dealing with it this holiday season.


Save a Life: Tips for Avoiding Pet Pancreatitis This Holiday Season

Dog is satisfied with the service in own restaurantWe all have foods we want to (or should) avoid, but the holidays make it really, really hard. Savory meats, sweet treats, and buttery goodness abound during the last few weeks of the year, and your pet isn’t immune to all the temptation. Indulgences are just plain difficult to ignore, but we hope the dangers of pet pancreatitis are enough to keep you saying “paws off” to certain dishes.

A Functioning Pancreas

The pancreas doesn’t get much credit – until it’s under attack. The truth is, a healthy, functioning pancreas completes two critical jobs. Primarily, it produces insulin, an integral part of blood glucose regulation. Second, the pancreas makes enzymes that aid in food digestion. Normally, these enzymes are secure inside pancreatic cells until released into the small intestine to do their job. They help breakdown proteins, carbohydrates, and fats so your pet’s body has energy.