The Not-So-Sweet Details of Diabetes in Pets

Diabetes in pets is a serious pet health condition, especially for senior pets

November is National Diabetes Month. While this was originally intended to raise awareness of the disease among people, veterinarians and animal lovers are also turning their attention to the seriousness of diabetes in pets. Studies show that 1 in 300 dogs and 1 in 230 cats in the U.S. are diagnosed with diabetes – and those numbers are rising steadily.

National Pet Diabetes Month now occurs alongside the human version in an effort to help pet owners everywhere understand more about the disease and how to prevent it in pets.


Prevention Is Everything: The Benefits Of Pet Wellness Plans

iStock_000038875216_LargeIf you’re like most pet owners, you consider your dog or cat a member of the family and believe that he or she deserves the best care possible. Bringing your pet to the veterinarian for routine wellness exams, vaccinations, etc., is an important part of pet ownership, but the costs associated with pet medical care can be daunting. That’s where pet wellness plans come in. \

What Is A Wellness Plan?

A wellness plan is a wonderful way to prepay for veterinary care, think of it as a frequent buyers club for pets.

For a monthly fee, your pet will receive a set of routine veterinary services that include: Continue…

Pet Wellness for Life

Little kitten jumping with widely spread pawsOur pets are more than just our furry friends – they are our family and our partners in life. At Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital, we are your partners in your pet’s lifelong health and wellbeing. Keeping your pets healthy is what we do best. By bringing your furry friends to us for regular annual or semi-annual wellness exams, we can catch small health problems before they turn into big ones, and can often stop big ones right in their tracks.

Our pets age differently than we do – they age somewhere between four and ten years for every calendar year, depending on the breed – and an exam once a year for your pet is like an exam every six years for us. While most adult pets do fine with annual exams, we recommend exams twice a year to keep on top of senior health issues such as arthritis, hearing or vision loss, and other physical and mental changes.

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