Fat Cat, Skinny Cat: When to worry about your pets weight loss

Is your cat too heavy or too skinny?

Either extreme can be a health concern.  Being overweight can lead to health problems and being underweight can be a result of a health problem. 

Fat Cat: Does Your Pet Need A Diet?

Intentional weight loss that is part of a planned weight reduction program for an overweight pet is not a reason for concern. As long as your cat is losing at a rate that has been established by your veterinarian as acceptable. Usually a loss of no more than one percent of body weight per week is perfectly fine. For example, at this rate of weight loss, a 15-pound cat would lose up to a third of a pound every two weeks.

However, since every cat is an individual with his or her own medical needs, it is important to establish your cat’s safe rate of weight loss with your veterinarian.  

Skinny Cat: How Much Weight Loss is Too Much?

With a large number of household cats sporting a few additional pounds and the resulting national push to get pets to a healthy weight, it may be hard to see weight loss as anything but a good thing. In a cat however, there are times when weight loss is a cause for concern.  This is because weight loss can be one of the first signs of serious illness.

Common causes of unexplained weight loss in a cat include conditions such as diabetes mellitus and hyperthyroidism. Diabetic and hyperthyroid cats will most times have weight loss with an increase in appetite. Other signs include an increase in thirst and urination.

Other causes of unexplained weight loss can include kidney disease, heart disease, some forms of cancer and certain infectious diseases. Appetite can be variable in these cases ranging from normal to increased or decreased. Some will have changes in thirst and urination, changes in behavior or changes in appearance as well.  

Because every cat will have a unique presentation for illness, it is important to have him or her examined by your veterinarian, particularly in cases of unexplained weight loss. Early diagnosis and treatment of disease is often the key in providing a long and happy life for your feline friend.

Weight loss is a concern whether your pet is overweight or losing weight too quickly.  The best way to determine whether your pet is losing weight in a healthy manner is to have your pet monitored by your veterinarian.




Title: New Dogs and Cats | Low Cost Veterinary Care, Poconos, PA

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Low Cost Veterinary Care for New Dogs and Cats

Did you receive a new puppy or kitten for Christmas? If you did receive a new pet, it is time to start thinking about the first trip to the veterinarian.  We want to make that first trip to the veterinarian as low stress and positive as possible, both low stress on the wallet and a pleasant experience for you and your pet.

 Reducing Stress: How to Get Your Pet to the Vet

Dogs and cats usually are stressed when it is time to get in the car and go to the veterinarian.  The car ride can cause anxiety and being in a different location can cause stress.  For cats we recommend getting a carrier and placing a towel in the carrier.  We also recommend spraying the towel with Feliway (a pheromone spray that can be purchased at Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital)  which will help reduce your kittens stress.  Below is a helpful video offering 5 simple steps for cat owners to use cat-friendly carriers.

For dogs we recommend a leash or carrying them.  We also recommend giving treats as a positive reinforcement technique both during the visit and after the visit. 

 Preventative Health Plan: Low Cost Vaccinations for Dogs

Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital has also designed a low cost option for routine vaccines and neutering and spaying your dog (cat plans are going to be introduced in the near future).  We call this option our preventative health plan.



We have discounted our services and broke up the remaining cost into 12 easy payments. Vaccines and preventative health exams are included at a lower price to help make health care more affordable.   With routine preventative care your pet will be on track to a longer healthier life. 

Please call us at 570-424-6773 for more information about our low cost care.



How to Save on Pet Meds: Do Online National Pet Pharmacies have the Best Deal? 

Online, national pet pharmacies such as 1-800-PET-MEDS and big box retailers such as Petsmart, Walmart, and Target want you to believe that they have the lowest price on medications for your pet.  But most of the time your veterinarian has the best price on medications. 

Your Best Deals on Pet Meds are Local:

Veterinarians receive special offers from the drug companies that allow us to have better pricing on some of the common pet medications such as flea and tick preventative and heartworm preventatives.  Not only can your veterinary hospital offer competitive pricing on these medications, but you also get professional advice about the best medication for your pet. 

Veterinarians get special promotions with Advantix where clients can buy 6 tubes and get 2 free.  Rimadyl offers a rebate on purchases from a veterinarian.   Other specials on products occur throughout the year. 

And there’s more…

The veterinary staff can help make sure you are using the best products for your pet so they do not have any reactions or side effects.  Your veterinarian can also help rectify any problems if your pet has a problem with a medication.  This is something retailers and online stores cannot perform.  So if you are searching online at national pet pharmacies for a great deal on pet meds, call your local veterinarian…Give us a call and we can help you and your pet! 




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