McFly Memorial Fund: 5K Fun Run/Walk


Sunday November 3rd at Dansbury Park!

We will be hosting a 5k on the Dansbury Park Levee Loop in East Stroudsburg.
Registration @ 8am and Runners to start @ 9am
Walkers to Start @ 9:30.
The registration fee will be $25
All proceeds will go to the McFly fund.
All ages welcome.

Register for the McFly Fund 5K Fun Run/Walk

Map and Directions for Dansbury Park Levee Loop

About the McFly Memorial Fund

McFly was an 8 month old feral kitten who had adopted a family that feeds and shelters strays. While he knew where he lived, he always kept a safe distance from the family who cared for him.

In June of 2012 McFly had a traumatic event occur, and he crawled to the humans that he had watched from afar, knowing they would help. His family immediately recognized the severity of his injuries and McFly allowed them to render first aid, then be picked up, placed in a carrier and driven to someplace very foreign to him. His injuries required him to be treated and hospitalized at Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital for a few days short of a month. He had a broken pelvis, torn urethra, severe skin wounds, and problems with the kidneys. He was a wonderful cat that needed intensive critical care and multiple surgeries to treat his condition. Despite all the surgeries and treatments he went through, he was a very loving cat in the hospital, enjoying all the attention the staff was giving him. He would eat almost immediately no matter how he was feeling. Unfortunately McFly unexpectedly succumbed to his injuries, but McFly’s mom and dad and Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital have set up a memorial fund in McFly’s name.

The McFly Fund is designed to help stray animals and animals in need of assistance. Please help those animals that are less fortunate.

If you are having trouble opening the link go to our Menu,then Resources,then Recommended Links, you will find the McFly Memorial Fund. There you can register for the race. All proceeds will go to the Fund.


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LABORATORY       View details


Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital offers a full complement of in-house laboratory equipment, allowing us to perform a large number of diagnostic tests on-site to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of your pet. In addition, we maintain a relationship with a national diagnostic laboratory for the times when off-site diagnostics are needed.

Commonly performed in-house wellness tests include:

  • ·         Fecal analysis
    • o   For the detection of intestinal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms and whipworms
    • o   For the detection of the Giardia and coccidia
  • ·         Heartworm tests for dogs and cats
  • ·         Tests for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)
  • ·         Tests for common tick-borne illnesses in the dog
    • o   Lyme disease
    • o   Anaplasmosis
    • o   Ehrlichia

 Other in-house tests available for your pet:

  • ·         Complete blood count (CBC)
    • o   Provides red and white blood cell counts
    • o   Aids in the detection of anemias and infection
  • ·         Chemistry profile
    • o   For the evaluation of kidney and liver values, blood glucose, protein levels and electrolytes
  • ·         Tests for Canine Pancreatitis
  • ·         Tests for Canine Parvovirus
  • ·         Thyroid hormone assays
  • ·         Canine Pregnancy Testing
  • ·         Ear cytology
    • o   For the detection of microorganisms and parasites in cases of ear infections
  • ·         Skin cytology
    • o   For the determination of types and numbers of microorganism such as bacteria and yeast in a number of skin conditions
  • ·         Skin scraping
    • o   For the detection of microscopic parasites such as mites in a number of skin conditions
  • ·         Mass cytology

 In the case that your pet needs a test not offered by our laboratory, we are able to obtain blood and/or tissue samples on-site to be sent out to a national laboratory. Results are often available within a few business days. These tests include:

  • ·         Bile acids assay for liver function
  • ·         Tests for endocrine, or hormonal, disorders
    • o   ACTH stimulation testing
    • o   Low dose and High dose Dexamethasone Suppression Testing
    • o   Fructosamine evaluations
  • ·         Vaccine titer evaluations
  • ·         PCR testing for certain viral or bacterial infections
  • ·         Urine and tissue cultures