Veterinary Emergencies in the Poconos

Veterinary Emergency Care With The Staff of Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital

Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital is open 24/7 for emergency situations. We will be here when you need us!

If your pet is in an emergency situation, call us at (570) 424-6773 or come straight to the hospital. Our veterinarians and staff are ready to help.

When is it an emergency?

The American Veterinary Medical Association has a short list of conditions that should receive immediate attention.

When you are unsure about whether or not to have your pet seen, our vets want you to know you can call us. Usually, when a pet owner is concerned and has noticed something they feel is not right with their pet, it is something that needs to be addressed and the pet should be seen.

Always feel free to contact us when you are concerned, and our compassionate staff will be happy to answer your questions.