Canine Wellness Plans

Canine Health Plans at Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital

Wellness Plans—Adult Canine

At Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital our goal is to help prevent diseases and health issues before they become serious problems for your pet. Did you know animals age approximately at a rate of seven years to our one? That's why prevention is a major focus of our practice and our staff is skilled at looking for early warning signs of diseases during your pet's routine examinations. Healthy lifestyle choices for your dog are the keys to lifelong wellness. Our Wellness Plans offer preventative care at a discounted rate and allow you to spread the payments over time. By enrolling your pet in one of our 3 Wellness Plans, you're taking an important step to maintaining his/her health and well being. Please note that our Wellness Plans are NOT, and should not be considered, pet insurance.

Wellness Plans—Puppy Health Plan

The Puppy Wellness Program is designed to help you practice and maintain proper preventive health care for your new puppy and give them a great start towards a long and healthy life. The first few months of your puppy's life is the time when your new pet is most at risk from contagious diseases and parasites and in need of many vaccines. Our Puppy Health Plan allows you to provide the best veterinary care for your puppy at a considerable savings. Our Puppy Health Plan is for Puppies between the ages of 8-16 weeks of age. It includes the Core vaccines, as well as routine Spay / Neuter, and Minimum Pre-Anesthetic blood work as well.