Dermatology & Allergy Testing: When Pets Itch

Pet Dermatology & Allergy Testing at Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital

Most pets enjoy a good scratching under the collar, a rub behind the ears, or that coveted belly rub, but excessive itching and scratching could mean your pet has a skin condition. Pets can be affected by allergic reactions or dermatologic conditions just like humans. Thankfully, most skin conditions are very manageable and, with a little instruction, most pet owners find they can treat or maintain their pet’s skin health with little assistance.

Dogs or cats that come to Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital and are experiencing recurrent ear infections, frequent skin infections, hair loss, or exceptional itchiness may be evaluated using skin scraping or allergen tests.

Skin scraping—As the name of the test implies, a sample of skin cells is collected from the dog or cat by gently scraping over the surface of the skin. This test can be used to check for a number of conditions including:

  • The presence of abnormal skin cells
  • Fungi (yeasts)
  • Bacterial infections
  • Parasites

Allergen tests—By taking a blood sample, our hospital can send out to check for the possibility of 40 different skin allergies. From trees and grass to ingredients in food, dogs and cats can be allergic to many different things. WebMD has more information on dog allergies that you may find helpful.

Depending on the results of the dermatology and allergy testing, pets can be treated with oral medications, allergy shots, ear medications, antibiotics, antifungal agents, or medicated shampoos. It is very common for pet owners to find that the allergies or skin conditions their pets face are treatable and, with proper management, their dogs or cats can return to comfortable living again.

The staff and veterinarians of Barton Heights Animal Hospital will provide you with the instruction and tools you need to manage your pet’s dermatology condition.