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Medical Boarding in Poconos: Peace of Mind When You Are Away

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At Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital, we understand that leaving your pets when you have to be away from home can be difficult, and it becomes even more difficult when your pet needs regular medical attention and you cannot be there to administer it. For that reason, we offer medical boarding.

If your dog or cat requires daily medications or monitoring, such as is the case with pets dealing with diabetes, seizures, or chronic illnesses, you can reserve a kennel at our hospital. The veterinarian who knows your pet and who has your pet’s medical records and history on hand will be available should any need arise.

Our medical boarding kennels are set up so that your pet will be comfortable with his or her own blankets and lots of attention from our ever-present, animal-loving staff. We have bigger kennels available for large breed dogs and the kennels have outdoor runs so your pet can comfortably move about.

Our staff will assure that your pet receives his or her medications, monitoring, and any special dietary needs. You will be able to call and check on your pet as needed for your own peace of mind.

Be sure to let us know if our medical boarding facilities can be of help to you the next time you have to be away.


We Our Clients

The people who work here care so very much about every animal that walks through their doors. We have brought our pets here for years, and every time they walk through the doors the people remember their names and come over to say hi to our babies. They take the time to explain what is happening and the various treatments available. They are sensitive to the financial strains a pet can put on a family, and always go the extra mile to help our pets in any way they can. WE LOVE THIS PLACE!
Brady Candell