Heart Health for Your Pet

Veterinary Cardiology at Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital

Dogs and cats can have congenital heart conditions (conditions that they were born with) or they can acquire heart conditions over time from the normal wear and tear of their daily lives. No matter the cause or condition, Barton Heights Animal Hospital is well equipped to assist you and your pet with the diagnosis and treatment of veterinary heart disease.


  • Digital X-ray—Our digital X-ray abilities allow our vets to examine the shape, size, and position of your pet’s heart as well as their blood vessels and lungs. With the digital capabilities, we can quickly share the X-rays with our board-certified cardiologist for consultations anytime.
  • ECG—Our hospital also has an electrocardiogram that can be used to detect issues with the heart’s electrical activity or any heart rate rhythm abnormalities.
  • Cardiac ultrasound—The specialist at Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital can also make use of our veterinary ultrasound machine to measure muscle contraction strength in the heart, functioning of the heart valves, thickness of the muscle walls, or the sizes of the heart chambers.


Barton Heights Animal Hospital employs a board-certified veterinary cardiologist who is available to consult on any cardiovascular issues. The cardiologist also has weekly office appointment hours at our hospital so that he can meet directly with patients.

If you have questions or need more information about the types of heart disease that pets contract, Healthy Pets has an excellent article about canine heart disease and 2ndchance has a well-written article about cat heart disease that may be of help to you. As always, Barton Heights Animal Hospital’s veterinarians are here to answer your questions as well.